The main focus of Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd (3CB) is providing both large and small steel framed buildings for a range of market sectors with a variety of cost effective quality solutions suitable for every application.


We offer steel framed buildings in a range of delivered formats, from the supply in kit form for construction by our Customer, through to full turnkey solutions.


This includes, incorporating if required, a full planning and building regulations service, along with the demolition of any existing structures. 3CB are also able to offer a steel framed building sales service for old structures not required, foundations and general groundworks, building supply and construction, building fit out, car parking and landscaping.


Since every steel framed building project we undertake is bespoke in one form or another – be it size, colour, design orientation or cladding solution, we have invested significant capital in our staff, design software and infrastructure to ensure that our steel framed buildings are fit for purpose, are of a high quality, meet our client's needs cost effectively and comply with the legal requirement for such structures.


For example:- 
BS CE 1090 applicable to the design and manufacture of structural steelwork​.


3CB has two main framing solution for our steel buildings. Cold rolled and hot rolled forming.


Cold rolled


Produced by rolling pre-galvanised steel section strip into a large Cee sections.


3CB’s cold rolled framing solutions use a pre-galvanised, cold rolled section, to produce the main building steel frame.  Our cold rolled solutions have developed considerable over the last 10 years, due to advancements in roll forming technologies.  Cold rolled profiles can now be produced with automated punching on any axis and variations of section sizes from 50 mm to 400 mm.  The steel used is of a high yield, resulting in great strength to weight ratios. Yield strength is measured in N/mm2 and over recent years, standard yield strengths have improved from 280N/mm² to 450N/mm² with 550N/mm² being available to special order.


With each jump in yield strength, the cold rolled section has improved its strength to weight ratio by as much as 11%.


Due to the high strength and light weight nature of our product and the fact that our cold rolled framing solutions are considered as a ‘full portal design’ base requirements are simpler and lighter thereby offering a further saving on your project.


The automated nature of manufacture means a consistent quality and accuracy that skilled labour often struggle to emulate.


With our cold rolled solution we can provide up to 20 metre spans, with a maximum height to eaves of 6.5 metres depending upon altitude and geographical location. 


Our frames are robust and well finished due to the pre-galvanised roll formed technology with sections designed to the latest standards and codes.


Construction is simple and fast thereby offering our Clients further savings.


Hot rolled


Where the proposed building sizes exceed the capabilities of the cold rolling process and its sections we revert to large RSJ ‘hot rolled’ sections.


These can be extremely large in size and weight. 3CB has supplied and installed buildings to heights of 15m and c30m clear span and larger.


These heavy sections can take the abuse of digger buckets etc and are the only route to the very large steel building.


Naturally costs are higher since frame sections have more steel in them, manufacture is slower and more expensive, erection costs tend to be higher and foundations costs more substantial.




3CB also offers a huge range of steel building cladding solutions. For un-insulated applications, and where cost is a key driver, we can provide single skin polyester. For a more durable finish we offer Plastisol outer sheets with leather grain effect for those building that need to look better for longer.  This same Plastisol finish is also supplied as part of our insulated ‘built-up’ system meeting Part L Building Regulations or as part of our composite insulated solution.


Our capabilities include the provision of steel framed buildings in a standalone application or adjoining an existing structure. Our team of design and construction personnel are very capable at proposing cost effective solutions and integrating them into a site whilst maintaining a smooth business operation.


Health and Safety is an important element of any construction project and with some of our steel framed buildings reaching heights of 14m or more we take our responsibilities very seriously indeed.


Therefore our groundworks and construction teams are fully trained and certified in the methods and use of all the necessary processes and equipment required and (are) underwritten by significant insurance cover, should the very worst ever occur.


Should you be considering a project and require further assistance for any steel framed building requirements or information, please contact our Sales Office on 01531 822 251, who will be more than happy to assist.



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