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3CB have recently completed 4 pitch side canopy and training room units for a prestigious new sports facility under construction in the West of England. The design brief was originally for conventional steel buildings constructed on site. However we felt we could offer a lower cost and more attractive solution, both externally and internally, by designing and manufacturing pre-constructed and clad units which could be lifted onto site and subsequently timber clad in a fire resistant treated timber as specified by the architects. The project also incorporated a larger general storage building, again timber clad in a fire resistant tongue and groove board.​


Our Client wished for an uninsulated, high specification, workshop on his large private estate. The intention was that his own on-site maintenance team would dry line the finished building. So the selection was for 3CB to design and construct an un-insulated timber clad steel framed building with a steel roof, and ‘3CB Drip Stop’ premium grade anti-condensation barrier on the underside. 3CB then installed the timber studwork and subsequent attractive pre-treated black stained shiplap boarding. All cut edges were re-stained during this process. The end result, with our high quality industrial grade roller and personal access doors, made for a very attractive resulting project and an exceedingly happy Client.​


Occasionally 3CB are faced with a challenge on a planning application that we have made on behalf of our Client or a planning issue our Client has come up against. On many occasions this may relate to the aesthetics the Local Authority or the Client wishes to achieveNaturally enough timber cladding adds to the cost of a project especially if the Client wishes for an insulated, modern building ‘envelope’. So to minimise the additional cost yet achieve the visual impact required from a specific view point it may not be necessary to timber over-clad the entire building. Here we see an example of a Client’s classic car workshop established in a residential area. The Client and the local authority planning department wanted to minimise the impact of the building when set against the trees behind so in this instance we timber clad the front elevation only. As will be seen access was extremely tight to both sides and to the front to gain access for deliveries etc. The building had a ‘step’ in the rear walls to set in against an existing building behind - which was sadly impossible to photograph. Nonetheless our Design and Construction Team provided the detailed CAD designs necessary to undertake manufacture and make the construction process relatively straight forward.​


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Timber Cladding for Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings with sympathetic styling from Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd


At Three Counties Steel Buildings we fully appreciate that not every location lends itself to a traditional steel clad building. Particularly in countryside locations, planning constraints will often insist upon a softer exterior to any building.


In response to the need for large span buildings (not achievable economically with a building manufactured entirely from timber) 3CB now offers a timber clad alternative for the exterior of our steel framed buildings.


The result is an aesthetically pleasing exterior with all the benefits that a tough, durable steel frame brings including large open spans, high eaves, ready accommodation of large door sizes allowing access for equipment etc., and all this is achieved more economically and quickly than with a laminated timber frame.

Many of our Customers value the opportunity to meet planning requirements with our product route which can be supplied as a roof and frame system with timber exterior offering a low cost, non insulated solution.


Alternatively the roof and walls can be provided clad in our sophisticated composite panel system with a timber overlay to achieve the cosmetic result desired by so many authorities.

This is achieved whilst retaining excellent thermal performance within the secure and watertight envelope.


Naturally all of our timbers are fully impregnated for extended life but additionally can be stained to achieve the chosen visual effect.

We offer a variety of timber cladding options to personalise your project. We have a range of timbers and profiles including Shiplap and Loglap timber cladding. Tongue and groove finish allows quick and easy construction, whereas Featheredge timber cladding allows a generous overhang on each board for a more 'rural' look.

For more information please contact a member of our Sales Team who will be happy to discuss your precise requirement.


Please call 01531 822251 or email


3CB have a great deal of experience providing steel framed buildings that are then steel clad (typically with our insulated composite panel system) and then further over clad with a range of timber finishes to achieve a sympathetic appearance appropriate in certain environments.


Planning requirements will very typically demand such a ‘softening’ of the building appearance in certain rural or residential areas.


The huge benefits such solutions bring include ensuring a fully watertight envelope prior to over cladding. An insulated and water tight (and vermin proof!) solution is typically far more cost effective than traditional build techniques and can be undertaken in a shorter time frame.


Our structural steel framing solutions can create huge clear spans that  other methods of construction couldn’t achieve.

An example of an insulated and timber clad extension to a home based business where laboratory and testing equipment was required to be housed.


Our clear span solution gave the owners an efficient, uncluttered and cost effective increase in floor area required.​

This neat domestic garage and workshop was designed and installed by 3CB start to finish. We undertook the planning, groundworks & foundations, building construction and block paving of the drive way.


Again this was one of our insulated installations providing a comfortable working environment by moderating temperature fluctuations both in the winter and in the summer and blending in well within a rural setting.​

In some instance the client or planners may only require one or two elevations of the building timber to be clad - thus reducing costs. This was a project undertaken by 3CB where the client planning demanded that he timber clad just the gable end of his classic car restoration workshop, which was sited in a largely residential neighbourhood. 3CB undertook the groundworks, pits and foundation before providing the building, its construction and part timber cladding. Note the corner flashings which rather neatly frame the periphery of the gable end.​

A more expensive timber clad solution are waney edge boards. Due to the selection process producing large elements of waste and the thicker boards this solution isn’t the cheapest but suitable in some instances.


This project, in The Cotswolds, undertaken by 3CB houses a ground source heat pump, game storage and very large bat box in one end of the gable.​

An attractive timber clad office designed and provide by 3CB in a ship lap finish. This can be pre-stained if required.


In this instance the timber was tanalised to minimise rot but not stained.​

An attractive insulated and timber clad mono pitched garage and office building designed, supplied and constructed by 3CB​

A 3CB project using our cold rolled steel frame technology to create a building with insulated cladding and black feather edge over cladding to give a rustic look to a farm shop. The Interior was fitted out by the Client reproducing large timber beams etc to realistically recreate an old timber barn.


One of our cold rolled, light weight steel buildings timber over clad in a fire proofed larch.


This is used as a football pitch side secure storage facility ​for sports and maintenance equipment.

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