The prefabricated unit safely in place ready for completion of the internal works​

Load loader transport with wide load convoy support brought this prefabricated steel building safely to site in central Oxford​

The building was lifted to the sixth floor by large crane with 145 tonnes of counter weight. The process took most of the day with road closure orders and strict methods of working.​



Where our clients ask for a quick or difficult installation with limited access etc 3CB are able to design and pre-manufacture buildings ready for short duration installs on site.


An example being a recent installation of a steel framed motor control centre on the sixth floor of an office complex in Oxford.


We worked with the Customer to get dimensions in line with their needs and then we precisely designed and manufactured the unit to mount directly onto the pre-fabricated mounting points. The building was designed to be lifted in one piece onto the sixth floor with-out rigger brackets that had been loaded tested for the job.


The buildings can be provided with pre-positioned penetrations for pipework, ductwork and cabling ports as necessary.




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