Occasionally 3CB are faced with a challenge on a planning application that we have made on behalf of our Client or a planning issue our Client has come up against.


On many occasions this may relate to the aesthetics the Local Authority or the Client wishes to achieve

Naturally enough timber cladding adds to the cost of a project especially if the Client wishes for an insulated, modern building ‘envelope’. So to minimise the additional cost yet achieve the visual impact required from a specific view point it may not be necessary to timber over-clad the entire building.


Here we see an example of a Client’s classic car workshop established in a residential area. The Client and the local authority planning department wanted to minimise the impact of the building when set against the trees behind so in this instance we timber clad the front elevation only.


As will be seen access was extremely tight to both sides and to the front to gain access for deliveries etc. The building had a ‘step’ in the rear walls to set in against an existing building behind - which was sadly impossible to photograph. Nonetheless our Design and Construction Team provided the detailed CAD designs necessary to undertake manufacture and make the construction process relatively straight forward.

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