Internal building expansion solutions.


As part of our offer 3CB can provide free standing mezzanine floor for retrospective installation or, in the case of our hot rolled buildings, mezzanine floors which are an integral part of the main building frame. It is wise to consider the likely longer term uses of your steel building such that if the future requires an additional floor it is allowed for at the design stage. Such strategy may well make an upgrade a cheaper option than starting afresh.


If you have a need for increased floor space then mezzanine floors offer the suitable solution without the need to sell up and move - thereby saving on expense (including solicitors fees!), the time associated with it and the inevitable disruption.


It has long been recognised that mezzanine floors are a highly cost effective method of increasing floor space for office, retail, manufacturing or general storage.

However, not everyone understands the pitfalls and the need the match the correct product with the specific application.


Shortcuts on the structural steel work can lead to unacceptable levels of deflection and unwanted vibration in use. However Three Counties Steel Buildings offers a highly professional design, manufacture and installation service that can also include two storey installations and open spans of 15metre (50 feet) and more. The result being that our clients can be assured of a satisfactory result with any of our installations.


From time to time we have secondhand mezzanine floors - please ask for details.


All of our mezzanine flooring systems: -


  • Meet all of the appropriate British Standards and conform to building regulation.
  • Can offer highly cost effective supporting grid structures or large open spans if needs demand.
  • Offer a choice of staircase and handrail systems with loading access if needed.
  • Offer a range of flooring material to meet specification and budget requirements.
  • Can be fire rated if required.
  • Can be supplied in kit form or can be installed by one of our many teams of accredited installers.
  • Can save the need for an expensive and disruptive relocation. Can be delivered and installed within 4 to 5 weeks if required.


A ‘turnover gate’ viewed from below as part of a mezzanine floor installed by 3CB several years after we supplied the original building into which it is now installed.​

One of our typical ‘turnover gates’ that makes for safe lifting up onto the floor removing the risk of open handrails which can lead to falls. Notice the chequer plate flooring for longevity.​

Upper level of a mezzanine floor with hand rails system, staircase and ‘turnover gate​

Typical 3CB mezzanine floor over part of the building footprint only. Allowing for taller roller doors for ready access to the space below.​

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