A recent project undertaking some levelling of a clients yard and in preparation for one of our steel buildings to be installed.​

Installation of heavy duty Trief kerbing in this high traffic area taking large commercial vehicles.​

The completed yard with ramps installed ready for the new storage canopy installation​

A recent turnkey project undertaken by 3CB for a large hot rolled steel building required a power floated floor in a confined space​

3CB’s largest floor to date at 27m x 48m and involved the pouring of 550 tonnes of concrete in one day – all with a power floated hardener and colour embedded finish​


3CB offer, as part of our turnkey or on an individual basis, a comprehensive national groundworks service. Typically our services consist of foundations and flooring for our steel buildings, drainage and soakaways, car parks, road ways & kerbing systems and floor painting/finishes.


Naturally enough it is very important that the design of the foundations and slab are suitable for the steel building being mounted and the prevailing ground conditions and stability. Equally in high bay storage applications (and we constructed building to take racking as tall as 11 metres) the floor has to resist the punching forces of the racking legs and equally be flat enough to ensure the safety of the entire system. To do this teams construct floors designed by qualified structural engineers and use laser level systems to achieve the required standard of finish.


Integration of the foundations and floor together with our steel buildings is critical if the building construction sequence is to meet specification and time frames. Potential error in groundworks undertaken by a third party could lead to dispute relating as to where the error has occurred – the building supplier or the groundworks team. Naturally our designers and construction teams work closely with all trades and can advise as necessary but by taking total ownership for the supply and construction of the foundations, floor and the steel building as one entity 3CB can provide a quality assured and integrated solution where the client has only one party to deal with.


Equally 3CB’s design team can allow for any incoming or outgoing services by laying trenches , duct work, pipework, cabling etc and thereby ensure correct location within the building and missing critical foundation pads etc.


Floor finishes range from tamped finishes, that are ideal externally where grip in damp or icy weather is required, right through to powerfloated finishes with an option of a polished finish and the further optional use of surface hardeners and colours that bond into the very concrete itself. This is especially useful in high traffic fork lift and equipment areas where ceramic floor may be too costly but where dust control and attractive finishes are sought.


3CB are able to install pits and recesses for the equipment is typically used within MOT test stations or garages where rolling road test facilities have to be positioned adjacent to post lifts or inspection pits. Preformed or cast in-site pit solutions are available to meet client requirements.



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