New steel framed garage and MOT facility for Midlands based company

3CB have just completed a smart new fully insulated, steel framed MOT garage and office facility for a Midland car dealership.

The company offers a total service capability linked with an extensive car sales area.

The new steel building facility gives them more roadside stock area for the sales operation as well as a cleaner, brighter and more function maintenance area.

The result has already resulted in more business from a far more prestigious facility.

New steel framed garage and MOT facility

Multiple Industrial Steel Unit & Building Project

In mid-December 2016, 3CB (Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd) embarked on the construction of an entire industrial estate for an electrical group based in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

The estate comprised of one large block of industrial units numbering 1 to 4, to be followed by a larger block still for units 5 to 11. 3CB designed the building to include a combination of cladding finishes, hipped roofs, dividing walls, large glazed panels with entrance doors and sophisticated main access doors.Multiple Industrial Steel Unit & Building ProjectBy early January 2017 steel industrial units 1 to 4 were well on the way to completion as can be seen with the frames up and roof on. The project, comprising blocks 1 to 4 and 5 to 11, is due for completion by the end of March 2017.

Should you be considering investment in industrial or commercial steel building units, 3CB are the experts to talk to, offering an extensive range of services based on their steel framed building expertise including a full turnkey offering, with fit out etc.

Please call our sales department on 01531 822 251.

Steel Building Unit For Classic Car Restoration

3CB have recently completed this interesting project for a client who had very limited space but needed to construct a classic car restoration unit behind a shop frontage.

Space was limited for the construction of the insulated steel framed building and the planning authority required a timber clad front elevation to the workshop.

3CB undertook all the foundations and groundworks as well as the building design, supply, construction and timber cladding to the front elevation only.

A very happy Customer with neighbours admiring the end result which was comparatively easy on the eye!.

For further information contact our Sales Department on 01531 822 251

Steel Building Unit For Classic Car Restoration

Full Turnkey Project For Steel School Building

3CB have just completed a turnkey project for an East Sussex school by way of a fully fitted mechanics workshop.

The project was based around 3CB’s excellence in the design and installation of steel framed buildings – in this case designed specifically for the school’s needs.

The entire projected was undertaken by 3CB from concept drawings, groundworks, building supply and construction, sophisticated electrics (with emergency cut offs in several locations) and plumbing.

To enable easy car entry to the new facility a certain amount of rework was required to the block paved entrance yard and the whole project was completed on time and to budget.

Full Turnkey Project For Steel School Building

Full Turnkey Project For Steel School Building

Small Steel Framed Building Project

3CB have just completed a small office facility utilising their expertise in steel framed building technology to achieve a low cost solution for a client requiring additional office accommodation quickly.

From green field site to completion was around three months with a very pleasing end result with which the client was highly delighted.

So if you’ve an urgent need for long lasting, but cost effective, office facilities please contact 3CB on 01531 822 251.Small Steel Framed Building Project image 1Small Steel Framed Building Project image 2Small Steel Framed Building Project image 3

Insulated Steel Building Near Completion

3CB have recently been commissioned to supply an unusual insulated enclosure, incorporating steel framing sections and state of the art panels, for a highly specialised printing process incorporating some cutting edge equipment.

Limited factory space meant the detailed design of access doors at difficult junctions in the building. Space within the building was also confined so 3CB used it sophisticated 3D CAD design capabilities to incorporate all the duct work and supplies that the processes will require.

The official opening, during June, will bring in senior employees from around the world and 3CB have been lauded for their fast response and outstanding levels of quality and service.

Watch this space for the opening ‘photographs!

Insulated Steel Building Near Completion

Insulated Steel Building Near Completion

Portal Framed Steel Buildings

At Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd, our portal framed buildings are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, with our team working hard to ensure that disruption to your day-to-day operations never needs to be an issue. More and more companies are asking us to design, manufacture and install steel buildings of this nature. The buildings offer an array of benefits and are ideal for any company considering both present and future needs. They can be extended with ease and are a cost-efficient alternative to timber and wooden framed buildings.

Our portal framed buildings are an ideal match for budget-conscious businesses that would prefer to avoid working with a host of different suppliers. They consist of horizontal or pitched rafters alongside columns and are resistant to vertical and lateral actions. Half of all the constructional steel in the UK is now been used to construct these buildings. If you have significant storage needs or work within the retail sector, you’re likely to derive significant value from a portal framed building.

These low-rise structures can be constructed quickly, with a minimum of fuss and with no compromises on quality. If needed, we can be involved at every stage, from design, planning and testing to finishing. Our approach helps many of our customers to save a great deal of money, with the added advantage being that the buildings are able to stand up to everything the challenging British climate can throw at them. Features including moment-resistant connections and rigid joints are part of the robust solutions that our many customers can depend on confidently.

Our Contracts Management Team ensures that all processes run smoothly, with all deadlines and expectations being met. We can either oversee the whole operation or provide you with a simple ‘kit’ to be constructed by your team. Our dedication to quality has led to repeat orders from a wide variety of customers from a host of different sectors. We also offer a wide range of hard-wearing finishes to suit a diverse series of budgets and preferences.

The team at Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd deliver buildings to customers all over the UK and overseas and can help you meet the requirements of local authorities. Our easy-to-assemble galvanized steel constructions have helped businesses from a wide range of industries to meet their targets and prosper. Talk to us today to learn more about our robust portal framed buildings.Portal Framed Steel Buildings

Steel Classrooms and Education Centres

The television programme George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces featured the construction of a classroom fabricated from two steel shipping containers joined together to create a large open space suitable for teaching.  This project was designed to educate pupils about eco-friendly construction and recycling, as the building harvested and cleaned rainwater, powered itself through photo voltaic panels and electricity generating bicycles, and was used to demonstrate the practical applications of these technologies.  One of the main features of the build was the low cost benefit that a steel building provides, and 3CB is pleased to be able to offer the same cost advantages to the educational sector.

By partnering with architects who have experience of the complex requirements of schools and colleges we are able to offer a design service that ensure all our clients receive a steel building fit for purpose that will complement the facilities that are already on site.  Steel buildings can be used for a variety of purposes in the education sector, from classrooms and laboratories to libraries and sports halls, right down to groundkeeper sheds and storage for sports equipment.  A wide range of cladding options is also available to the client, meaning that any new build can be customised and enhanced to fit beautifully into the campus, blending seamlessly into the surroundings.

Our cold rolled, galvanised steel framed buildings are low maintenance, as they resist corrosion and general wear and tear extremely well.  In the long term, the cost savings on maintenance compared to temporary structures such as portacabins is a considerable bonus and will help towards the school budget in a meaningful way.  The construction of these classrooms or other buildings is very quick, with lead times on the design and manufacture often fitting neatly in with the groundworks.  This means that such a structure could potentially be installed during the summer holidays, thus minimising disruption to the learning experience.  In colleges and institutions where construction and design is taught, this could even be worked into the curriculum as a working project that students can become immersed in, giving them a taste of the real world of steel building construction and inspiring their career choices.

Our general concept classroom design has space for two classes with a covered walkway at the front that also features two large protruding windows which provide a space to sit and observe the outside.  These are ideal spaces for placing students who need a little extra time or attention, or as an extra break-out space for group discussions.  The covered veranda means students waiting for a lesson will not get wet in bad weather, and this space can also be used as an extension of the classroom for an art or science lesson.  Of course, every establishment varies in requirements, so we can design and build a steel structure that matches your specification perfectly, including things like disabled access and other internal features that different disciplines require, such as science or dance, where Bunsen burners and sinks, or mirrored walls and a barre are vital.

Further information and help can be obtained by calling us on 01531 822 251 where our sales team are only too happy to discuss any concerns or requirements with you.

Solutions for Sectional and Industrial Steel Buildings

At Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd, we offer a range of industrial and sectional buildings that are easy to construct and offer a flexible solution to any company that might need to expand their premises later. We have many years experience in delivering sectional buildings to domestic customers and businesses across many different industries. 3CB manufacture each section or module off-site before bringing it to you. Sectional structures can usually be constructed in half the time of a conventional building and the modules are designed to be fitted together on-site.

Our modular structures are robust enough to support you for years. We are able to offer enhanced construction quality by producing sections in a rigorously controlled environment. This means that components and sections are protected from the weather and aren’t affected by moisture. We have the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and listen closely to what our clients have to say in order to match them up with solutions that suit them perfectly.


At Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd, we only employ passionate experts who take a great deal of pride in their work, ensuring that our customer benefit with the best the industry has to offer. Our high quality approach to design means that we are able to cost your building on the spot. We only ever use the finest quality materials which also allow us to provide our customers with an array of size, colour and style options, enabling them to obtain a bespoke sectional building that suits their needs perfectly. All our processes are error proof and our environmentally friendly approach means that waste is kept to a minimum making sectional buildings a green choice all round.

Our buildings can be assembled and disassembled with ease and each module can be reused at a later date and rebuilt into future constructions. Building each module or section in-house means that bad weather won’t bring proceedings to a halt, and what’s more is that is that our sectional buildings look virtually identical to their conventional counterparts. Our approach also means that accidents and disruptions are kept to a minimum.

We use steel when constructing sectional structures due to its robust nature and ability to stand up tall in the face of the British climate as well as fire. Why not get in touch today if you feel that you could benefit from having a sectional building constructed for you?

Exciting Steel Framed Warehouse Project

Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd (3CB) recently completed this exciting steel framed warehouse project in Malvern, Worcestershire.

The new steel framed building warehouse was for a highly successful biomedical company requiring additional storage space.

Warehouse Steel Framed Buildings

The project incorporated demolition, groundworks and drainage, together with the full building installation.

Warehouse Steel Building Suppliers

For more information on the services Three Counties Steel Buildings Ltd (3CB) offer, please contact us today.